Why Upgrading QuickBooks® is Important

Why Upgrading QuickBooks® is Important

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February 21st 2013 by Alana Bryant

When I say to a client “You really need to consider upgrading your QuickBooks®software,” I always get mixed responses.  Many clients will respond with “I’ll make sure that I do that.”  Others will respond with “No.  I can’t afford to spend the money” or “I think it’s a waste of money.”

The negative responses primarily come from business owners not understanding the value of software upgrades and not being aware of QuickBooks’ sunset policy.

A software sunset policy is more or less an expiration date for providing ongoing support and updates for prior software versions. It allows companies like Intuit® to put more resources into developing software enhancements while keeping the sales price to the customer very low.

As part of QuickBooks’ sunset policy, a software version is discontinued each year in May. So, in May 2013, we will say goodbye to QuickBooks 2010.  The three most recent versions of QuickBooks will be actively supported.

Keep in mind that once a software version is discontinued, there are certain services that are impacted and/or interrupted:

  • Payroll updates
  • Merchant Services (i.e., Intuit credit card processing)
  • Online Banking
  • Ability to Email Within QuickBooks
  • Technical Support

I’ve had several clients gripe about this. I’ll always mention that it’s almost impossible for a software company to efficiently provide support for every IRS tax change and every browser update (Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer) for every version of software that they’ve ever sold.

When it’s put in that context, it’s like an “Aha” moment to most business owners.

In the scheme of things, spending a couple hundred bucks is pretty insignificant.  In most cases, the cost is similar to upgrading to the iPhone 5.

My question to anyone that is still hesitant … “Isn’t your business worth that?”


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