Who Is Your Next Draft Pick?

How companies (or sports teams) evaluate talent is an interesting and varying process. Of course there are major differences between the two, but the parallels are relevant. There is always a pipeline of talent for scouts and coaches to evaluate and they constantly monitor it.  But how many companies have a pipeline for new talent?  Sure, there is always a coveted top level salesperson or engineer that you are trying to woo from a competitor, but do you really have a formal process?

When recruiting for college or professional sports, teams ask themselves many of the same questions that companies ask. Questions like:

Do I have a specific need to fill or am I taking the best available athlete / employee?

Am I looking for immediate return or a long-term solution?

Do I take the safer choice or do I take a risk on higher potential?

Are there any red flags?

Will this person fit within my existing team?

Is this person coachable?

What is his or her reputation?

Will they support our efforts to create a healthy environment?

Rich McKay, President of the Atlanta Falcons, once said, “We are going from a locker room of characters to a locker room with character, and that is a very big difference.”   May your next higher be a first round draft choice!


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