The Exit Strategy Handbook

This book is unique.

It is written for a unique audience that is about to go through a unique period of time.

This book is for owners of closely-held companies who want to sell their businesses in the next few years. You are unique because you represent only about 8% of the population in the United States, yet you employ between 60% and 70% of all USA employees.

Most of your assets are found in the companies you own. The biggest anticipated check in your future is an eventual sale of your company to someone else, whether a third party, management, an ESOP or some other type of buyer. Your hope and dream is that someone will see the value in your company and pay the value that you desire.

You are about to go through a unique period of time, something that has never happened in the history of mankind. There are about 60 million baby boomers that will be retiring in the next few years. These baby boomers own more than 10 million businesses, most of which will try to be sold to third parties during the next few years. This will create an unprecedented number of companies that will be available on the open market.

These companies will most likely be in competition with yours when you are ready to sell. We anticipate a buyer’s market during the next few years, which will cause certain sellers to either not be able to sell their business or that will sell the business for a lower than expected amount. Additionally, it is anticipated that income and other taxes will increase in the near future, which might have the effect of possible reductions in obtaining values you might expect from the sale of your company.

The subtitle to this book is “A to Z to Prepare for a Buyer.” This means that this book and the accompanying secured website have been prepared in a step-by-step process to help you sell your business. This process is similar to following the blueprint for a house or building. You are in charge of the blueprint and you will delegate to people the tasks that will help you with the future desired sale of your business.

The secured website that accompanies this book is accessible by applications (apps) from certain mobile devices. You will have dashboards, calculations of the current value of your business and other tools to help manage those to whom you will delegate important tasks.

We wish for your future success.


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