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QuickBooks 2014 launches TODAY!

QBES Teaser Email B2B CFO PartnersRick Daigle · 404-787-5835 Breaking News!, I have very exciting news to share and more information about the new functionality and features in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 14.0. Some of the exciting things in the new release are: • NEW! Job Costing – Get a better handle on the current financial… Read more »

20% Off QuickBooks POS for the rest of September

POS Blue Light Special Ask how you can save 20% on software. Get the sales, inventory and customerinformation to make better business decisions. Ring up sales quickly and accept credit cards Easily manage inventory—no counting needed Detailed sales and inventory reports show what’s in stock, what’s selling and what’s not Track customers and offer reward… Read more »

QuickBooks Point of Sale – Best Deal EVER!

QB POS Deal: $600 in FREE hardware Get $600 in FREE hardware with your QuickBooks Point of Sale Order – 404-787-5835 It’s a deal unlike any we’ve offered – order QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 and get everything you need to turn any PC into a complete retail management system. Order by March 29, 2013… Read more »

Why Upgrading QuickBooks® is Important

Why Upgrading QuickBooks® is Important February 21st 2013 by Alana Bryant When I say to a client “You really need to consider upgrading your QuickBooks®software,” I always get mixed responses.  Many clients will respond with “I’ll make sure that I do that.”  Others will respond with “No.  I can’t afford to spend the money” or “I think it’s a waste of money.” The negative… Read more »

Re-published – QuickBooks Backups – IMPORTANT RE-READ

I revived this from last year because in the past month I have met with 4 companies using QB Enterprise who were not using the QuickBooks Backup utility and had internal data corruption issues. Please read this article and share with all your clients and friends who use QuickBooks. ——————————————————————————————————————— I was recently contacted by… Read more »