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Breaking News!,

I have very exciting news to share and more information about the new functionality and features in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 14.0.

Some of the exciting things in the new release are:
NEW! Job Costing – Get a better handle on the current financial state of all your projects. Get more detailed information about where your money is going, not only from where it’s coming in.
NEW! Assemblies – Save time working with assemblies. Build all subassemblies automatically with a final build, and allow QuickBooks to update assembly costs and price instead of manually updating them.
NEW! Advanced Pricing Add-On – Advanced Pricing for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions helps you control, customize and automate your pricing – right inside your QuickBooks. 1 No more tedious manual updating. Take charge of your pricing and make it work for you – and for your bottom line.
IMPROVED! Auto POs – Turn purchasing into a two-click operation without worrying about minimum or maximum stock levels. Specify inventory quantities to reorder and QuickBooks puts them into POs—automatically.

If you are interested in scheduling a demo to see the new features first hand please let me know.

Please call today!,

Rick Daigle

B2B CFO Partners

Contact Number: 404-787-5835


1. Additional fees apply for the Advanced Pricing Add-On subscription. Requires QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 14.0 with an active Full Service Plan and an Internet connection.

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