QB 2011 R5 update – added Payment Network Link to Invoices

This is something all QB 2011 users and consultants with clients using QB 2011 should be aware of……

With the R5 release of QB 2011 there was something introduced which I do not think most QB customers will like. QB users who are also Intuit Payment Network subscribers can have a link added to their invoices which allows their customers to click on the link and pay the invoice online. Obviously a great feature to improve cash flow. In order to take advantage of this feature you have to subscribe to the IPN service then turn on the feature in QB. That is done by editing that preference to look like this:


And then editing the invoice template footer to check the Intuit Payment Network box like this”


However, the R5 update made  this the default settings for all QB user who have upgraded. So for those who are unaware of this what will happen when you email an invoice to a customer it will contain a link at the bottom of the invoice to the Intuit Payment Network which will cause the customer to get an error that the company is not registered. The link will look something like this:

In order to turn this off you have to edit the Payments preference to uncheck the two boxes in the Invoice Payments section, and uncheck the Intuit Payment Network box on all Invoice Templates in use.

I hope this was an unintended mistake made by Intuit but I have not heard an explanation.

If you have any questions about this or any other QB related questions please contact me at any time.

rdaigle@b2bcfo.com or 888-972-9449


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