Large QB Enterprise File – another Success Story

Earlier this month I wrote about A Solution for very large QuickBooks files. The very next day I got a call from Rick Arthur, one of my B2B CFO Partners in Florida. Rick has a client with the exact same problem . . . . a QuickBooks Enterprise user with a 1.6GB QB file. They were having severe performance problems and there was internal corruption in the data file. The Balance Sheet didn’t even balance!!!

So we arranged for Rick to get the file to me this past Friday after business hours. Over the weekend, in between a bridge match, the NCAA tournament basketball games, and a NASCAR race I was able to create a new company file with 12/31/2010 ending balances and 2011 transactions. The result was a QB company file which was 132MB . . .  a 92% reduction in size . . . . . and a Balance Sheet which balanced.

The tools I used were created by Karl Irvin, The Beginning Balance Transfer Utility establishes the Balance Sheet account balances as of a certain date. The Data Transfer Utility then copies transactions for a certain date range. These are great tools, but they do not make the process trivial. The entire process took about 12 hours as there were some steps which produced errors that required me to modify transactions in the original file and re-run the step.

If you or one of your clients has a very large QB file I can help resolve that issue. Call me at 888-972-9449 to discuss.


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