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What: Customers with QUICKBOOKS ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS v8 will no longer be supported as of May 31st 2011.   QUICKBOOKS ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS v8 product will continue to work, but any connected services or support will no longer be available after May 31st 2011.


Call to action: Upgrade your QUICKBOOKS ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS v8 to v11 by June 10th and receive 30% off of your purchase and avoid interruption to any services.


Online Policy:  ISP’s will be allowed to promote this online  with approved messaging – “Save up to 30% ” but must include asterisk *to be eligible must be a current QUICKBOOKS ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS customer using v8

NOTE: Thisoffer is not available to customers with a QUICKBOOKS ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS version that is older than v8 at this time.

Offer valid until June 10, 2011 – cannot be combined with other offers.


Effective June 13  through June 30, customers upgrading from QuickBooks Pro or Premier will receive 30% off of the QUICKBOOKS ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS list price on all SKUs. Customers that are new to QuickBooks financial software will receive 10% off of the QUICKBOOKS ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS list price for 5 and 10 user SKUs and 30% off for the “up to 30 User” SKU.


Intuit will begin advetising this offer on June 13 and you can do the same.

Offer valid until June 30, 2011



INTUIT Payment Solutions

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sales customers get a package of savings worth over $600 when they apply for a merchant account!

  • No Set up fee ($59 waived)
  • 2 Months Free ($69 savings)*
  • $500 Rebate**


*IPS will waive the customer service fee and monthly minimum for the first two months. Merchant will still be responsible for all other fees including discount rates and transaction fees

**Merchant must be either approved or declined to qualify. Approved merchants will receive a ACH deposit within 4 weeks of approval. Declined merchants will receive a gift card within 4-6 weeks of decline.

Offer valid until June 30, 2011


Intuit QuickBooks financial customers save BIG with Intuit Payment Solutions!

  • No Set up Fee ($59)
  • $150 Gift Card*
  • Deep pricing discount-Lowest Pricing Available!

o    Monthly Service: $9.95

o    Monthly Minimum: $0

o    Qual Rate: 1.61%/Mid-Qual: 2.20%/Non-Qual: 3.68%

o    Auth Fee: $0.27

*Merchant must be approved for QuickBooks Merchant service to qualify. Fulfillment 4-6 weeks

Offer valid until June 30, 2011

Free Intuit Credit Card Readers: Approved Intuit GoPayment accounts will receive a Free Intuit Credit Card Reader!

Offer valid until June 30, 2011



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