Intuit Trusts B2B CFO

Who does Intuit trust with their solutions?

Who does Intuit trust with their solutions? Intuit Solution Providers bridge the gap between technology and results.

Intuit recognizes B2B CFO Partners as a professional you can trust to reduce your risk and help you choose the Intuit offerings that are right for you.

B2B CFO Partners is an expert in the following areas:

* Implementation
* Formal Needs Assessment
* Business Consultation
* Training
* On-Going Support
* Business Benefits Demonstration
* Product Configuration/Installation

B2B CFO Partners

Rick Daigle

Intuit Premier Reseller

Call Rick Daigle at 404-787-5835 today.
Call me so I can explain the new features and benefits of the QuickBooks 2013 offerings!
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
B2B CFO Partners helps you take full advantage of the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions features and additional tools. We bring a unique set of business qualifications combined with Intuit’s technology certification to implement a robust solution that gives you more control over your growing business.
QuickBooks Point of Sale
Understanding of the needs of retail businesses, combined with Intuit’s technology certification, allows B2B CFO Partners to implement a robust QuickBooks Point of Sale solution that helps you know where you are making money – so you can boost your bottom line.
Payment Solutions
Accepting credit and debit cards can have a positive impact on your income, increasing sales as much as four times over a cash transaction. B2B CFO Partners can help you solve the challenges associated with double-entry accounting and integrating credit card transactions, merchant services, and financial reporting.
Payroll Services
B2B CFO Partners understands the challenges associated with integrating payroll information with accounting records and financial reporting. We’ll help you connect to Intuit’s Payroll systems with three simple clicks and you’ll immediately reduce your tax penalty risks while easily managing employees, benefits, and insurance all in one place.

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