Intuit Quickbooks March Promotions!!

Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions


Effective March 7 through April 15, customers upgrading from QuickBooks Pro or Premier will receive 30% off of the QBES list price for 5 and 10 user SKUs.  The stretcher price for the “up to 30 user SKU” is $6500.  Customers that are new to QuickBooks financial software will receive up to 20% off of the QBES list price.   This promotion expires March 31, 2011

Effective February 18, Intuit is offering an attractive add seat promotion.  The add seat pricing is below.

5->10 Users: $2,500 $2,000 plus the adjusted FSP – everyday price

10->30 Users: $3,500 $3,000 plus the adjusted FSP

5->30 Users: $5,500 $5,000 plus the adjusted FSP


Note that the price is for the software only and that a prorated Full Service Plan fee will be added to this dollar amount.  Work with your ISP for an exact quote.  You won’t have to wait to receive new software CDs in the mail; you can begin using the software user licenses right away.  This promotion expires March 31, 2011


Quickbooks Point of Sale + Payments

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sales customers get a package of savings worth over $700 when they apply for a merchant account!****

  • No Set up fee ($59 waived)
  • 2 Months Free ($69 savings)*
  • Free Ingenico 3070i Pin with Swiper ($295 value)**
  • $300 Rebate***


*IPS will waive the customer service fee and monthly minimum for the first two months. Merchant will still be responsible for all other fees including discount rates and transaction fees

**Merchant must be approved for a merchant account to qualify

***Merchant must be either approved or declined to qualify. Approved merchants will receive a ACH deposit within 4 weeks of approval. Declined merchants will receive a gift card within 4-6 months of decline.

Offer valid until March 31, 2011


Intuit QuickBooks financial customers save BIG with Intuit Payment Solutions!**

  • No Set up Fee ($59)
  • $200 Gift Card*
  • Deep pricing discount-Lowest Pricing Available!

o    Monthly Service: $9.95

o    Monthly Minimum: $0

o    Qual Rate: 1.61%/Mid-Qual: 2.20%/Non-Qual: 3.5%

o    Auth Fee: $0.27

*Merchant must be approved for QuickBooks Merchant service to qualify. Fulfillment 4-6 weeks

Offer valid until March 31, 2011


Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks (CSQB): Merchant can save time on check payment processing and deposits. ISPs receive $25 bonus for each approved CSQB account.


Free Intuit Credit Card Readers: Approved Intuit GoPayment accounts will receive a Free Intuit Credit Card Reader!  Expires March 31, 2011




Enhanced Payroll is now part of the ISP program and will be paid as a one time bounty of $25.


We now have a payroll solution for any scenario- which will save the customer time and money:

·         Customers using QuickBooks or not using QuickBooks;

·         Customers who want Intuit to handle their tax payments and filings or customers who want to handle their own;

·         Customers who need an online payroll solution or need a desktop payroll solution.



New customer promotional discounts are:

·         Assisted Payroll:  20% off monthly fees for the first year

·         Enhanced Payroll:  30% off their annual subscription for the first year

·         Intuit Online Payroll: first month free, and months 2 and 3 @ $9.99.


Offers valid until March 31, 2011


Contact Rick Daigle today for a complete price list. Call 888-972-9449








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