Importing Transactions into QuickBooks

I recently had a manufacturing client ask me to help develop a process for efficiently and accurately  applying hundreds of Invoice Payments to their QuickBooks Company file. I had done this in the past with another client using the IIF file import but this was not a good option for this client. The reason is that importing Receive Payment transactions via an IIF import does not actually apply the payment to the invoice and mark the invoice as paid!

So, I researched another tool from Baystate Consulting called the Transaction Pro Importer. I was very impressed with the process to download and test the product, order, and register the product for use. It was very simple to format the payment data into the format provided with the Transaction Pro Importer software. It took less that 1 hour to download, install, and test the Transaction Pro Importer.

With this new tool I was able to help the client import almost 1,500 payments in about 4 hours, including the time to reformat the data into the correct format.

Transaction Pro Importer from Baystate Consulting gets high marks from me. I also downloaded and tested the Transaction Pro Deleter for deleting List entries and transactions. This tool was also very easy to use.

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