Month: May 2011

Do You Need a CPA or a CFO?

I have a friend whose wife graduated from Chiropractic College in 2008.  Soon after graduation, she opened her own practice.  Alot of time in 2008 was spent marketing the business and equipping the office.  At the end of 2008, my friend took his taxes to a local CPA firm.  The CPA concluded that the business didn’t… Read more »

Competitive Advantage or Not?

I work with a software company that designs state of the art software for the retail and commercial flooring industries.  The software handles all aspects of a flooring business including estimates and proposals, sales order and invoicing, inventory and accounts payable, installation crew scheduling, and of course accounting.  All of this software also works seamlessly… Read more »

What is the Real Unemployment Rate?

This question comes up all the time when I have a client trying to hire someone.  They all state that it is very difficult to find quality employees despite the unemployment rate being near 10%.  I have a manufacturing client that has a starting wage of about twice minimum wage, along with very good fringe… Read more »

No Bills Over $20 Accepted

How many times have you seen this sign posted in a store or restaurant?  Do you ever wonder what the real reason is for this sign?   You quickly say, of course I do.  The business wants to keep minimal amounts of cash in the till in case the place is robbed.  Or you might say… Read more »