Month: January 2011

Intuit February Promotions

Contact Rick to take advantage of these promotions!! January 26, 2011 QBES  Intuit is running a promotion on adding QBES users. The current promotion is $500 off for customers migrating from 5 to 10 users only.  This lowers the $2,500 everyday price tag to $2,000 for the extra 5 users.  Note that the $2,000 is… Read more »

Goal Clarity Produces Winners in EVERY Endeavor!!

I originally wrote this article before the end of the 2009 NASCAR season. Since then Jimmy Johnson has won 2 more championships to make it 5 consecutive seasons!! I see no end in sight . . . . . What do 3-Time NASCAR Champ & B2B CFO® have in common? Goal Clarity! Jimmie Johnson is… Read more »

Protect Your Brand!!

Entrepreneurship Tested:  National CFO Services Firm’s Founder, Jerry L. Mills, Discusses Lessons Learned Regarding Copyright Infringements B2B CFO’s founder and CEO, Jerry L. Mills, shares how he handles and leads his company through difficult cases of theft, plagiarism and infringements on intellectual property rights PHOENIX (Nov. 12, 2009) – Some believe that imitation is the… Read more »

A Business Lesson from Van Halen

I recently read a very good article by Dan Heath and Chip Heath, published at [see the full article here].  And to give credit where credit is due, I also used the title of their article as the title for this posting.  The entire article is worth reading and I encourage you to read… Read more »