Month: October 2010

Henry Ford said

If I had asked people what they wanted, they all would have said faster horses.


Seen on a bumber sticker this weekend: “The problem with socialism is that the haves eventually run out of money”

CFO vs Controller vs Accountant

Last month I published a newsletter titled “What Should a CEO Do?  After thinking a while, the same question can be asked about the CFO.  I run into business owners all the time that tell me they “have a CFO”  or they “have a Controller.”  Then I asked them what this person does. I find out… Read more »

Where is Your Profit Hiding?

Where is Your Profit Hiding?   I ‘ve been spending some time lately analyzing gross profit $’s and margin %’s.  It’s interesting, because even if gross margin is trending in a relatively flat line, you may not be seeing the whole picture from 30,000 feet.  Whether you see your gross margin increasing, decreasing, or holding steady, you may… Read more »

Know Any Companies That Ran Out of Cash?

Know Any Companies That Ran Out of Cash?  AIG Insurance General Motors Citigroup Chrysler Bank of America XYZ Homebuilders ABC Industries Joe’s Restaurant BP Oil – pending What do all of the above companies have in common?  All of the above companies ran out of cash.  Whether you are a multi billion international company, or… Read more »

Sample Benchmarking Report

All businesses should have financial systems in place to measure performance on a monthly basis.  You can always compare your company’s  results to last year, last month, or the current year’s budget.   Now, through services provided by B2B CFO®, you can benchmark your company to other companies in the exact same industries.  Please see the below… Read more »

Monthly Services for Flooring Dealers

Monthly Service Offering to Flooring Dealers Work in Process (WIP) Analysis and Review –Review all open jobs on a monthly basis to indentify unusual items in WIP.  Discuss identified items with management and make necessary corrections for accurate financial and operational reporting. Assistance and Review with Monthly Sales Commission Calculation.  Assure that payments to salespeople… Read more »

What Should a CEO Do?

What Should a CEO Do? I was recently asked by an investor for one of my clients, “What does the CEO do?”  Rather than answer the question about the current CEO, I began thinking about what the CEO should do.  I see it all the time. The everyday tasks end up consuming the CEO’s day,… Read more »

Fishbowl® is the #1 requested inventory solution for QuickBooks®

Fishbowl gives small to mid-size companies the same competitive advantages that large organizations with elaborate inventory solutions enjoy. Fishbowl provides QuickBooks users with a robust and scalable inventory solution that makes it more attractive and viable for small to mid-size companies to stay with QuickBooks as they grow. • Fishbowl is affordable and easy to… Read more »