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How To Prevent Your Business from Aging Prematurely

I just read an excellent book, “The Founder’s Mentality”,  written by Chris Zook, a Bain & Co. consultant, who has studied thousands of companies to understand why so few companies are able to sustain the rapid rate of growth they experienced as a start-up.  In a recent interview he gave to the Wharton Business School about his new book he neatly and succinctly states that the primary reason why most companies get old before their time is simply because:

” …… Growth creates complexity and complexity is the silent killer of growth and when you create bureaucracy it’s all over”.…

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Another Case of Employee Fraud – Don’t Let It Happen to Your Business

I just learned again of another Atlanta-based company that is the victim of employee theft.   In this situation, the employee, who is the company’s longtime bookkeeper, had complete access to all financial records of the business and even the personal financial records of the owner.  With more than ten years of seemingly outstanding performance, the owner placed total trust in this person. …

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The Power of a One Page Dashboard for Your Business

Dashboard One Page

As a business owner, CEO, investor or board member, you get your financial statements, review them, and then probably file them away.  Generally, you don’t make a decision  based only on the statements.  The reason for this is that financial statements, while important and a good starting point to understanding your business, are generally not good calls to action. …

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Pareto’s Law and Your Sales Leads | Improve Your Odds of Success

Sales Leads SuccessPareto’s law states that roughly 80% of the results of anything comes from just 20% of activities or inputs.   In most of the businesses I’ve been associated with, this principle seems to work whether you are measuring sales, customer profitability, key staff, highest performing products, etc.  In the post linked below, the author does a good job in explaining Pareto’s applicability to your best sales leads.…

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Top 5 Rules for Managing and Maximizing the Cash Flow from Your Business

Cash is King - Cash FlowHere are the Top 5 Cash Flow Rules you can implement immediately that will transform the way you manage your business. But first, remember the two cardinal rules of managing any business:

#1 –  Never run out of cash. Make the commitment to do what it takes so that it does not ever happen to your business.…

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